John W. Henry and Co. (JWH) is a United States based global investment management firm located in Boca Raton, Florida. JWH has a history of managing money for clients dating back to 1981. JWH has provided asset management advice to leading money center banks, brokerage firms, private banks and family offices in various fund structures as well as individually managed accounts.


JWH employs quantitative models and a systematic approach to the markets. Its trend-following programs trade in approximately 40 futures markets across the globe with a relatively balanced allocation among interest rates, currencies, stock indices, energy and agricultural commodities. JWH has the ability to take both long and short positions which over the years have been a factor in its ability to deliver positive returns that are uncorrelated to traditional assets.  The exclusive use of liquid futures contract allows for the ease of strategy implementation while minimizing transaction costs and significantly reducing credit exposures for clients.


JWH latest innovation was designed for clients whose investment objectives are equity centric and seeks to improve the risk-adjusted returns of trading in U.S. stocks. It utilizes quantitative models that have a shorter time horizon than our traditional trend-following models. It was designed to always be less volatile than the market overall while seeking to profit from the small opportunities identified by JWH models.






JWH, over the years, has prided itself on its commitment to client service.

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